Conflicts of Interest Registers

Register of Declarations of Interests for CCG Members and Employees

The CCG maintains Registers of Declarations of Interest for all interests declared and received from CCG Members and Employees.

This published register records the interests of members of the CCG Governing Body, Audit and Risk Committee, Remuneration Committee, Delegated Primary Care Commissioning Committee and Quality, Performance, Finance and Workforce Committee.

The register(s) will be publicly available and will be refreshed on an annual basis. In exceptional circumstances, where the public disclosure of information could give rise to a real risk of harm or is prohibited by law, an individual’s name and/or other information may be redacted from the publicly available register(s).

The register of declared interests of members is published at each meeting of the Governing Body and Primary Care Commissioning Committee held in public. At these meetings the register of interests is noted, any oral updates on the interests of members received, the agenda for the meeting reviewed to establish whether there are any business items where there may be potential or perceived conflicts of interest, and any mitigating action taken is recorded in the minutes.

The full register can be inspected at the CCG headquarters on request.