Board and Sub-Committee papers

Our Board and Sub-Committees

Governing Body
Our Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight CCG functions effectively, efficiently, with good governance and in accordance with our constitution, for the benefit of patients in our communities.

The Governing Body meets in public at least four times a year.

The CCG's Governing Body held it's last meeting on 22nd June. The agenda, papers and a link to the recording of the meeting are avaialble below.  

Integrated Care Board
The first meeting of the new Integrated Care Board will take place on the 1st July and is scheduled to take place at 11 am. Further details, and meeting papers, are published below.

Primary Care Commissioning Committee
The Delegated Primary Care Commissioning Committee enables members to make collective decisions on the review, planning and procurement of primary care services in Hampshire, Southampton and the Isle of Wight, under delegated authority from NHS England.

Decisions are made within the context of the overall commissioning strategy of the CCG. The committee meets in public every two months and details of upcoming meetings will be updated on this page. The terms of reference for this committee are published in our Constitution.

The link to the livestream, agenda and papers of past meetings are available below.

Questions and Meetings in Public
If you have a question for the Governing Body or the Primary Care Commissioning Committee please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by noon on the day before the meeting and this will be addressed during proceedings.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, meetings will continue being to be conducted virtually. Details of how to access the online stream of the meeting will be provided on the publication of the agenda, one week in advance of the meeting.

Previous Board Papers and recordings

Governing Body meeting held on 28 April 2021

The papers for the first Governing Body meeting held on 28 April 2021 are available below.

If you would like to view the recording of the meeting, this is available at the following link. Papers are available below.

Agenda - CCG Governing Body meeting (28 April 2021) -

HSI121-001 Declarations of Interest

HSI121-002 Chief Executive's Report

HSI121-003 Our Values

HSI121-004 Operating Plan Brief

HSI121-005 Quality Report (April 2021)

HSI121-006 Performance Report (April 2021)

HSI121- 007 Finance Report (Month 12 2020-21)

HSI121 - 008 CCG Governance Framework

HSI121-008.1 Appendix 1 - CCG Quality Performance and Finance Committee Draft Terms of Reference

HSI121-008.2 Appendix 2 - CCG Board with biographies

HSI121-008.3 Appendix 3 - CCG Corporate Calendar 2021-2022

HSI121-008.4 Appendix 4 - Policies and Procedural Documents Development and Management Policy

HSI121-009 Minutes of Predecessor Board and Governing Body Meetings

HSI121-009.1 SCCG Governing Body Minutes (24 March 2021)

HSI121-009.2 HIOW Partnership of CCGs Board Minutes (25 March 2021)

HSI121-009.3 WHCCG Board Minutes (25 March 2021)

HIOW-ICS Population Health Presentation

Previous Sub-Committee Papers and recordings

Primary Care Commissioning Committee meeting held on 19 May 2021

The papers for the first Primary Care Commissioning Committee meeting held on 19 May are available below.

If you would like to view the recording of the meeting, this is available at the following link.


 PCCC21-001   pdfDeclarations of Interest (607 KB)

 PCCC21-002   pdfTerms of Reference (1.34 MB)

 PCCC21-003   pdfPrimary Care Work Programme (1.43 MB)

 PCCC21-004   pdfShakesepeare Road Surgery (604 KB)

 PCCC21-005   pdfShirley Health Partnership (5.12 MB)

 PCCC21-006   pdfPrimary Care Prescribing (1.66 MB)

 PCCC21-007   pdfFinance Report (648 KB)

 PCCC21-008   pdfPrimary Care Risk Register (607 KB)

Legacy CCG Board meetings and minutes

Previous Board meeting papers from legacy CCG's are available here.