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The Medicines Optimisation Team supports the safe and effective use of medicines for the older population resident in care homes on the island.

  • From January 2018 the Medicines Optimisation Team are able to resume providing support and advice to care staff around the use of medicines and regular medicine reviews for people living in residential care.
  • The MOT is providing training for care home staff on the safe administration of medicines in care homes. Contact the team to book on the training.

Training - The team run care home specific medication training sessions (Medicines in Care) throughout the year and these can be viewed and booked via the Booking Form.

Bulk Prescribing - The MOT has developed a policy regarding discontinuation of bulk prescribing in care homes. Medicines should be prescribed for individuals, administration records must be complete, accurate and up to date.

Medicines Waste - It is recognised that medicines waste occurs throughout the whole economy, within the care home setting policies relating to ordering, storage and administration of medicines can help to reduce waste.

Expiry Dates - Expiry dates of medicines once opened has always been a big issue for care homes, this has led to quite a lot of wastage of expensive medicines. National guidance is not available for all products; therefore we have produced a basic table of expiry dates to assist care staff in reducing waste in care settings.

PrescQIPP - This link is to the PrescQIPP website where you will find resources and good practice examples of projects focusing on medicines optimisation in the care home setting.  Each set of resources contains tools that can be adapted for local use.

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