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You Said, We Did 

You said…  We did…  This means… 
You were concerned how patients without IT were able to access primary care services during COVID-19 Supported primary care services to let their patients know how they could contact them by both telephone and online and that face to face appointments are available if clinically needed. The CCGs also promoted how to access primary care services through social media Patient groups have reported that patients are aware of how to access their GP and that continual promotion of this will be helpful
Patient groups and partners would like information about the vaccination programme Produce regular COVID-19 Vaccination Stakeholder Updates which we share with our patient groups. These contain updates on the programme and key messages for our local communities Patient groups and partners have reported these updates are useful and help them to update their local communities on the programme
The move to more digital services during COVID-19 had helped some people but not others so will this be taken into account in the future Carried out engagement work on digital access to services to understand how it had felt for local people This insight is being used to inform how we develop our future approach and further engagement will be carried out, particularly with those who do not/cannot use digital services
Patient groups would like to be involved in developing our approach to public and community involvement, co-production and co-design We have been discussing how we develop our future approach with patient groups and will explore how we continue this as the work progresses The voice of patients and local communities help to shape our future approach to engagement, co-production and co-design