Mental health investment standard

Each CCG across England is required to meet the Mental Health Investment Standard (MHIS). This means that CCGs should increase investment in mental health services at a faster rate than their overall increase in funding allocation each year.

Regrettably during 2018/19 the standard has not been achieved for some of the CCGs in the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Partnership. This is not acceptable to us and we must do better to improve the outcomes and experience for those who access mental health services across our area.

There have been many positive achievements and improvements in our mental health services, however we must do better to provide all of the outcomes we strive to deliver. We are committed to improving the quality of and access to mental health services for the communities we serve and ensuring we achieve the Mental Health Investment Standard as a minimum investment is a must do. 

We are working together with our partners including service users and the voluntary sector to transform mental health services in a number of areas including;

  • Developing further crisis resolution and home treatment support services
  • Continuing to develop services to support those experiencing a mental health crisis, including crisis lounges and wellbeing centres
  • Improving autism and ADHD services
  • Transformation of and investment in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services' (CAMHS)
  • Transforming Primary Care and Community Mental Health services for adults and older people (including dementia)
  • Increasing access to talking therapies
  • Increasing provision of perinatal mental health services for women and their families.
  • Working closely with our mental health providers to ensure no patients receive acute inpatient care out of area by April 2021.

The CCG Partnership fully supports the Long Term Plan Ambition for Mental Health and we are a key partner in the delivery of the strategic plan for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight STP. We have formally appointed a dedicated Director for Mental Health Transformation and Delivery to ensure our commitment to the vision for the improvement of mental health services over the next five years and its implementation locally. We are committed to a clear focus on recovery from COVID-19 and the mental health and wellbeing of all of our population as we move forward.

We are committed to parity of esteem for mental and physical health and to delivering the mental health investment standard as a minimum level of investment so that those we provide support for receive the best possible outcomes.