New proposal to merge Bursledon Surgery with Blackthorn Health Centre

If you are a patient of Bursledon Surgery or Blackthorn Health Centre, we would like to hear from you on a proposal to merge Bursledon Surgery with Blackthorn Health Centre.

At present, patients registered with Bursledon Surgery have their GP services provided by Blackthorn Health Centre. This temporary arrangement follows the retirement in December 2019 of the GP previously running Bursledon Surgery.

In discussion with the CCG, Blackthorn Health Centre now proposes to make these temporary arrangements permanent from October 2021, if agreed by the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

The coronovirus pandemic meant that Bursledon Surgery was used as a hub for consultations with patients from across the Eastern Southern Parishes with a suspected COVID-19 infection and, more recently, as a vaccination site supporting our highly successful delivery of the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Whilst Bursledon Surgery has been used for other purposes since spring 2020, patients have been offered ‘face to face’ appointments at Blackthorn Health Centre or remote consultation offered via telephone, video or online.

The proposal confirms that all GP services for all patients of both practices will in future be provided only from Blackthorn Health Centre. The proposal intends to create a single stable practice able to deliver high quality continuing care to all patients from a single site.

If the proposal is accepted, it means that the Lowford Centre surgery site would continue to have an important role in the delivery of NHS primary care services within the local area.

The Lowford Centre surgery site would be used as a base for new staff employed by practices across the Eastleigh Southern Parishes (which includes Hedge End Medical Centre and West End Surgery) to support GPs in the delivery of care to their patients, e.g. social prescribers, care navigators, physiotherapists, mental health practitioners, clinical pharmacists, youth counselling services and health and wellbeing coaches. It will also be used as a base for GP services at evenings and weekends, known locally as Appointments+ or 'the Hub' (currently based in Botley Health Centre).

One way to share your views on this proposal is to complete this survey online:  Paper copies are also available at Blackthorn Health Centre (by the main doors) and at the Lowford Centre (in the Library and Cafe). The closing date for this survey is Friday 27th August 2021.