Please remember hands, face, space even after you receive your covid vaccination

And while it’s encouraging patients are starting to get vaccinated, the NHS is reminding people that they still need to continue to follow the national rules on Hands, Face, Space, and not to get complacent.

Dr Michele Legg, GP and chair of NHS Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group, said:

“The rollout of the vaccine is undoubtedly a great weapon in our arsenal to fight off covid-19 – however we must not get complacent and ignore government guidelines. I know we are all so keen to get back to our friends, family and loved ones, as we did not too long ago. We are all desperate to hug our friends, children, grandchildren, and our loved ones, however now is not the time to lose our focus on the long-term goals. It is great news the vaccination is being delivered but this alone will not slow the spread of this virus. We must continue to wash our hands regularly for 20 seconds, wear a face covering outdoors and maintain social distancing. I know people’s spirits will be waning and as the days are colder and darker, it can be a very isolating time. But if we stick to these rules then we will all come out of the other side stronger, better and able to hug our loved ones as much as we want too.”

The prioritisation order of vaccinations being delivered have been set nationally by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

At the moment the vaccine is being administered first to those most at risk, including:

  • people aged 80
  • people who live or work in care homes
  • health care workers
  • people in England aged 70 and over, as well as those listed as clinically extremely vulnerable

Although people in England aged 70 and over, as well as those listed as clinically extremely vulnerable, will begin receiving offers of a coronavirus vaccine this week, the focus still remains to vaccinate those aged over 80 first.

The NHS will get in contact with you to offer you an appointment. Please do not contact your GP practice in the meantime.

If you miss your appointment then you will be offered a new one as soon as vaccine and an appointment slot becomes available – if you are over 80, this does not mean you have to wait until over 70s have been vaccinated, you are still a priority.