RESTORE2™ Training and resources

RESTORE2™ is freely available to download. However, before using, you must ensure your staff have received appropriate training to use the tool safely. This includes (as a minimum) staff having completed physical observation training and competencies as well as online training in NEWS2 and deterioration and the organisation having processes in place to maintain and calibrate observation equipment. We strongly recommend that you frequently audit compliance and outcomes when using RESTORE2™. The organisation implementing and using RESTORE2™ has sole responsibility for ensure its appropriate use.
RESTORE2 List of approved resources July 2020

New online video training for care home staff

West Hampshire CCG and Wessex and the West of England Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), funded by Health Education England, have collaborated to produce a series of free videos and e-learning materials to support staff working in care homes to care for residents who are at risk of deterioration.

The short videos are available online here and describe how to take measurements from residents correctly (such as blood pressure and oxygen saturation), spots the signs of deterioration, and prevent the spread of infection.