Mental health support for children and young people Fareham and Gosport

"Promoting, protecting and improving our children and young people's mental health and wellbeing"
In March 2015 the Government published ‘Future in Mind’. The document sets out the Government’s ambition in improving the ways we can help support good emotional wellbeing and mental health.
In Hampshire, we fully support the vision and priorities established in Future in Mind. Even before the publication of Future in Mind, we had been working hard with our partners to establish a vision for Hampshire. Our vision is called ‘Make it Worthwhile’.

Our priorities in Hampshire and those contained within the national document, Future in Mind are similar. For this reason, we have decided to use our local vision as a basis for developing our plans. This Strategy is our single plan for delivering the priorities established in Future in Mind.

We have prepared this single transformation plan to provide an executive summary of our ambitions and how we aim to achieve our vision.

Children and young people with good mental health do better. They are happier in their families; they learn better and do better at school; they are able to enjoy friendships and new experiences. They are more likely to grow up to enjoy healthy and fulfilling lives and to make a positive contribution to society and to have good mental health as an adult.

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